Step up SIP calculator with Initial Lumpsum

Investment Calculator User Guide

  1. Initial Lumpsum Amount:
    • Enter the initial lumpsum amount in the "Initial Lumpsum Amount" field. This represents the one-time investment amount you start with.
  2. Initial Monthly Investment Amount:
    • Enter the monthly investment amount in the "Initial Monthly Investment Amount" field. This is the amount you plan to invest every month.
  3. Investment Period (years):
    • Specify the investment period in years by entering the desired duration in the "Investment Period (years)" field.
  4. Expected Annual Returns (%):
    • Input the expected annual returns as a percentage in the "Expected Annual Returns (%)" field.
  5. Annual Step-up Percentage (%):
    • If you plan to increase your monthly investment annually, enter the percentage in the "Annual Step-up Percentage (%)" field. This increase occurs at the start of each year.
  6. Calculate:
    • Click the "Calculate" button to compute the invested amount, estimated gain, and total value based on the provided inputs.
  7. Results:
    • After clicking "Calculate," the results will be displayed below, including the invested amount, estimated gain, and total value.
  8. Invested Amount:
    • This section shows the total invested amount, combining the initial lumpsum and monthly investments.
  9. Estimated Gain:
    • The estimated gain represents the potential profit calculated based on the expected returns and investments made.
  10. Total Value:
    • The total value is the sum of the invested amount and estimated gain, indicating the overall value of your investment.
  11. Note:
    • Ensure all input fields are filled with appropriate values before clicking "Calculate."
    • Results are displayed in Indian Rupees (₹).
    • The calculator assumes compounding of returns, with any step-up in investment occurring annually.


This investment calculator is a tool designed for informational purposes only. It provides estimated results based on user-entered data and assumptions. The calculated values are not guaranteed and should not be considered financial advice. Actual investment outcomes may vary, and users are encouraged to consult with financial professionals before making any investment decisions. The calculator assumes certain compounding and step-up logic, and users should verify the appropriateness of these assumptions for their specific situation. The creator of this calculator is not liable for any financial decisions made based on its results. Use this tool responsibly and consider seeking professional financial advice for personalized guidance.