About Us

Welcome to Moneyinvest.in

In this educational initiative, we are trying to bring financial education, tools, calculators and other resources to common people for free, so that our audience are aware and cautious while investing & trading in different instruments like Share market, Mutual Funds, Future & Options (Derivatives), PPF, Bonds, Insurance, Real estate etc.

Our ultimate mission is to make our audience financially literate and well equipped so that they can tackle finance in real life.

We are trying our best to cover as many financial topics as we can so that your learning curve gets steeper. Happy Learning, Happy Investing! Let the money work for you! Feel free to contact us using our contact us page.

About Founder

Mr Piyush is our founder. He is an alumnus of prestigious Indian Institute of Management. Our Founding members are alumnus of prestigious institute like IITs and NITs.

Piyush, MBA (Operations & Finance)