Rent Meter – Am I Paying Too Much Rent?

Rent Meter

Rent Meter User Guide

Rent Meter is a simple tool that helps you assess the rental yield of a property based on your monthly house rent and the rough value of the property and helps you determine weather you are paying right in comparison with historical rental yield value.


  1. Input Information:
    • Enter your monthly house rent in the "Monthly House Rent" field.
    • Select the number of rooms in the "Number of Rooms" dropdown.
    • Choose your country from the "Country" dropdown.
    • Provide the rough value of the property in the "Rough Value of Property" field.
  2. Click "Calculate":
    • Press the "Calculate" button to analyze the rental yield.
  3. Interpret the Result:
    • The tool will display a visual bar and provide information on the rental yield range.
    • The color of the bar indicates the range:
      • Green: Low to Very Low Rent
      • Yellow: Moderate to Average Rent
      • Orange: Above Average to High Rent
      • Red: Very High Rent
  4. Understand the Range:
    • The result will specify the rental yield percentage and the corresponding range.
    • Output include "Very Low Rent," "Low Rent," "Moderate Rent," "Average Rent," "Above Average Rent," "High Rent," and "Very High Rent."


  • A higher rental yield percentage indicates a potentially better return for your Landlord and opposite for you.
  • Consider the rental yield range to evaluate if your rent is competitive.


  • The tool provides a rough estimate; additional factors may influence rental yield.

Feel free to adjust and expand this guide based on any additional features or instructions you include in your Rent Meter tool.